Seeing Darkness

For sixteen-year-old Kevin Lloyd, grief is more than just a feeling Like most typical teenagers, Kevin Lloyd’s sixteen-year-old life is filled with school, sports, and friends. But on one tragic day, everything changes when Kevin’s mother is suddenly killed in a horrific car accident. Wrought with confusion and grief, Kevin is soon faced with another unsettling challenge. He begins to see other people’s grief through the darkness that appears in their eyes. Though his grandmother offers him insight into his inherited gift, Kevin feels lost and confused, and rejects the idea that seeing darkness is a gift, attempting instead to control it. However, when he is then confronted with seeing darkness in the eyes of his best friend, Lily, Kevin is torn by what to do. Can he come to a realization that brings the potential of healing to himself and others?

“Seeing Darkness’ is a must-read for any teen suffering the loss of a loved one. Using a graphic novel format, this book is written by a grieving teen for other grieving teens in a way that they can relate to. This book is also a great resource for grief professionals and support groups working with teens.” -Lynn G. (Widow/Mother)

“A very unique look into what grief is, and how it affects others around you.” -Andrew G. (Young Adult)

“‘Seeing Darkness’ is spot on with respect to the feelings one goes through after losing a loved one. I love the story and illustrations, and the Clinical Interpretations provide invaluable information for families on how to cope with one’s loss. I wish this book was available during the dark days following my wife’s passing.” -Howie H. (Widower/Father)

Order your copy of Seeing Darkness directly from the Robert L. Sweeney Memorial Fund.